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UNC at Chapel Hill
Florida State University
University of Kansas
University of Western Ontario
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SUNY at Stony Brook University
University of Lethbridge
Penn State University
St Louis University
Northwestern University
University of Illinois at Chicago
Purdue University
Stanford University
Washington University
Oklahoma State University
University of Windsor
Iowa State University
Oberlin College
New York University
Colorado School of Mines
Stockholm University
University of Michigan
University of Southampton
Columbia University
Missouri State University
University of Manitoba
Ohio State University
University of Utah
McGill University
University of Kentucky
National Research Council Canada
University of California
West Virginia University
Weizmann Institute of Science
Dartmouth Medical School
University of Windsor
University of Colorado
University of Kentucky
University of Melbourne
University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Oregon
Grenoble – France
University of Cambridge

Research Laboratories

Kansas Analytical Services
Pfizer Inc.
W.R. Grace
BASF Corporation
Bruker BioSpin
Membrane Receptor Technology
Exxon Mobile Research and Engineering

Governmental Agencies

National Institute of Health
United States Air Force
United States Geological Survey
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
National High Magnetic Field Lab